Passive income for all investors

Fractional $STRNGR, $FIRE and $DAG nodes with effective compounding strategies

A reflection token on the Fantom Opera network that invests in physical nodes. It pays you passive income in $FTM and is deflationary.

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Why Fractional Rocket?

Easy entry

Nodes are expensive and investors should spread their portfolio. For smaller investors it's not feasible to get a full node at once. But while saving for a full node in fiat or stables, returns are low. And when investing in other tokens, the savings are at risk.

Fractional nodes on $STRNGR itself are coming, but the timeline there is unclear. When claiming every week, the high $ETH gas fees could eat away up to 70% of returns.

Our node dividends are paid out in $FTM on Fantom Opera, fast and cheap.


Your capital is not locked, you are able to buy or sell $FROCK at any time.


Compounding a bigger pool goes faster than just by yourself, it's good to have frens!


Next to the returns from the nodes, all $FROCK holders benefit from the reflection rewards, also paid in $FTM. Increase your stack by hodling.

Treasury Investment

$FROCKs treasury invests in nodes. We take care of all maintenance fees, optimize the claiming related to gas fees and have an excellent compounding strategy to increase returns.

Read about $STRNGR, $FIRE, and $DAG nodes.

Long Term

The entire treasury is 100% deployed and committed. It generates returns passively for as long as the treasury invested protocols operate. Our compounding strategy aims to maximize returns mid to long term.

High Returns

$FROCK aims to return 200-400% annually (APR) on the initial investment, in $FTM.
We make these reflections claimable, once 1,000 FROCK has been pooled.
Treasury returns are done every 10-14 days, by default by paying out dividends.
Set, forget and spend.

How It Works

$FROCK taxes 22% on each transaction (buys, sells, and transfers).
These taxes are essential to grow the protocol and are structured as follows:

ftm reflections symbol

7% $FTM Reflections

Used to pay out to the holders of $FROCK.
We proportionally make these reflections claimable, in $FTM.
The distribution is done once 1,000 FROCK has been pooled.

node treasury symbol

14% Node Treasury

Used to invest in $FIRE and $DAG, buying physical nodes.

The returns from the nodes will benefit the holders.

liquidity symbol

1% Marketing & Development

Used to upgrade $FROCKs operations, execute the development roadmap and fund marketing campaigns.


100% of the returns are benefitting all $FROCK holders.

This is done every 10-14 days, using:

  • Distribution of the treasury dividends to holders, in $FTM.
    This is the default.
  • Buyback and burn (deflationary tokenomics), increasing $FROCKs price; or buyback and add to the liquidity pair on SpookySwap, stabilizing $FROCKs price.

To run scenario's regarding possible returns, please take a look at this Calculator.


Plans for the future

Stage 2

flat tube illustration

Rocket speed

Feb/March 2022

Increase node treasury, scale operations, improve dashboarding and increase marketing.

Stage 3

flat tube illustration

Escape velocity

April/May 2022
  • Investment in other hard nodes.
    The $FROCK holders have voted to diversify the treasury into:
    • Phoenix Community Capital: $FIRE nodes
    • Constellation network: $DAG nodes
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Investor Security

Our team currently consists of a project leader, 3 developers, and a visual designer.